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About me:

Anne Gordon, L.Ac, EAMP,  DAOM candidate (Advanced Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) ,  Board certified in Chinese Medicine by the NCCAOM

A life long affinity for fitness, adventure and wellness led me from the mid-West to Costa Rica.  On the pre-med track in college, I graduated with a BS in Chemistry, and to be honest, at that point studying for another 10 years just wasn't something I was ready for.  I moved to Costa Rica where I taught at several schools, raised a family...and along the way discovered the power of Chinese Medicine.  I came to acupuncture by chance.  I'd been using Western drugs to stop my debilitating migraines, but they didn't work that well and I was worried about negative side effects of continued long-term use.  I tried acupuncture and the migraines went away!  Seriously.  One treatment - no more migraines, no more meds, and most importantly, I got my life back.  Treatments were so successful that I continued with acupuncture to treat my  chronic allergies and asthma.  

Along the way I ran several international marathons, many more trail races, discovered yoga and meditation and became a certified yoga teacher.  Yes!  I am a yogi.  Fun fact:  I took inspiration and named my clinic Atha Wellness after the first yoga sutra by Patanjali. 

When I moved back to the US in 2010, I was absolutely certain that I was ready to focus on medicine--this time on becoming a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, and I found my way to Middle Way Acupuncture Institute.  I'm continuing my studies in Chinese Medicine through Yo San University's Advanced Doctoral degree.  

You want to make sure we are the right fit, and see how Chinese Medicine can help and support you in your health care goals.  And so do I.  The best medicine is always the kind that allows you to speak honestly and openly about strengths, challenges, troubles and triumphs. 

Let's get in touch. 

Anne Gordon
Atha Wellness

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Acupuncturist Anne Gordon in Kirkland, WA 

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Atha Wellness offers acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Kirkland, WA, specializing in dermatology and women's health

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