What People Are Saying:

"Anne is a wonderful practitioner. She is warm, nurturing and very, very good at what she does. I have been seeing her for 6 months now. We have worked on all sorts of things with great success. Most recently, I did the facial rejuvenation protocol. It's amazing!!!! It's a wonderful, natural way to approach fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, she also uses LED light therapy as part of her treatment and the device she uses has been FDA cleared for anti-aging use. In addition to the physical changes seen from the acupuncture, the treatments give you an overall sense of well being and really help you feel more in alignment with who you truly are. I highly recommend this protocol. If you are not interested in facial rejuvenation, Anne can help with nearly any issue you may have. I highly recommend Anne Gordon!" - Lisa C.

"I have never tried acupuncture before, and Anne at Atha Wellness provided the most welcoming and knowledgeable introduction! I came in looking for postpartum relief and balance - pregnancy brought me skin breakouts, flat hair, weak nails, and heavy energy - and I found relief and balance at Atha. Anne explained that through acupuncture I can balance my chi to rejuvenate my systems, promoting healthy energy flows within and ultimately manifesting in clearer and stronger skin, hair, and nails without. I was stunned when Anne named specific ailments I had been experiencing in my introductory physical exam. I loved my experience, and I very much look forward to returning for more sessions." - Millicent H.

"I've been seeing an acupuncturist for many years in the Bay Area and I had a tough time finding a great acupuncturist that I connected well with after I moved to the area recently.  The minute I met Anne, I immediately connected with her.  She has a sense of presence that is very calming and nurturing.  She listens very well and asks the right questions to really understand what is going on with me before she starts any treatments.  I love that Anne also uses different modalities in her treatments, i.e. cupping, moxa, nutrition, etc, as opposed to the traditional needles.  This gives me confidence about her knowledge and skillset, and that I can go see her for many different reasons, in fact on a weekly basis.  Anne totally takes her time with me and it never feels like a rushed and short appointment.  Anne is a great practitioner and she genuinely cares about people's well being.'' - Amelia K.

"I initially started seeing Anne to help improve my sleep.  After only one treatment I immediately noticed an improvement in my sleep quality and duration.  She spent over an hour discussing my lifestyle and health background, and had several suggestions for diet and lifestyle improvements, as well as her acupuncture and Chinese herb prescriptions.  Anne took the time to get to know me, and each treatment leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated--its like getting one of the best massages you've ever experienced with a deep therapy session.  Anne truly listens to you and has a deep centered calming presence that infuses its way into each session." - Darcy M.

"Anne has a wonderful demeanor and professional manner, as well as the ability to stay calm and present.  She has a very easy and confident way of being that shows in her approach to treatment.  Each and every treatment I receive from her - whether it is gua sha, cupping or acupuncture - I feel relaxed, settled and supported, and best of all, my nagging shoulder pain is gone! " - Matt D.

" I was experiencing lots of neck, shoulder and low back pain. I’m not a big fan of taking pills to make my pain go away I’d rather correct the problem. I had tried physical therapy for years but never got much in the way of results. I heard many positive things about acupuncture and the great results. I started coming to this clinic about six months ago. Upon arrival I felt very welcome. Anne Gordon is very helpful, caring, trustworthy and genuinely concerned about people‘s well-being. She is amazing, is a true professional & knows her profession inside and out. She listened carefully to me then offered a few different suggestions of what she feel would be the best option for me. She explains things very well and thoroughly. I felt comfortable with her diagnosis of what would be best for me. She was right and I am feeling much better. I highly recommend Atha Wellness & Anne Gordon. The clinic is neat, clean, inviting. Parking is easy. Access to the freeway is only a couple minutes from the freeway."  - Jerry K. 

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