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Stay Healthy and Live Long - Acupuncture and Self-Care

by Anne Gordon

Yes!  Acupuncture to live well, and live long!  As part of the Yangsheng long and healthy life tradition, consider acupuncture as the next step of (easy) self-care.  Much like getting our exercise in, and making sure we are eating a balanced diet, acupuncture helps us maintain our health.  Once a month, give acupuncture 45 minutes of your time.  Why?  Because a small commitment to acupuncture will produce a deep and impactful benefit for your health.  Even if you do not have an active health diagnosis, as a preventive health treatment acupuncture treats disease and poor health before they arise and stops them from occurring.

So little time, and so many benefits!  Treatment is  simple - 1. show up, 2 . lay down,  3. have a nice "reset" as the needles do the work - AND produces profound results. Hopefully, monthly treatments will then become part of your health routine and something to which you look forward.

Why wait? Come on in! Take the next step in your commitment to health and wellbeing - give acupuncture a try!