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How to care for yourself before and after the COVID vaccination

by Anne Gordon

Kirkland, WA 

January 27, 2021

How to care for yourself before and after the COVID vaccination, Atha Wellness in Kirkland, WA

Ok, so you've got your appointment scheduled for the first round of COVID vaccine.  Yay!!!

How do you prepare?  I've been consulting with my colleagues in Chinese, Western and Homeopathic Medicine about this, and have seen some commonalities in ideas.  First and foremost, eat something an hour or so before you go in.  Stay hydrated with water, and give your liver a break a day or two before your appointment...lay off of the vino!  Seriously, we know alcohol can cause inflammation, something you don't want before any vaccination, so just abstain for a day or two, before and post vaccination.

The single biggest side effect seems to be a very sore arm and/or fatigue after the first dose.  So just take it easy afterwards, knowing that it will soon pass.  And if you feel any kind of fever-ish response, that too is OK - in fact, it's great! - as it means your own immune system is working hard to create COVID 19 antibodies.  Western docs would advise you to take an analgesic, but in Chinese Medicine, we'd encourage you to just let your body do it's thing.  Rest.  Hydrate.  Know that this is a good thing.  My colleague, who is a homeopath, recommends Thuja, to be taken right after the vaccination (NOT BEFORE!). This will help your body detox.  You can take 3 of the little pellets, three times a day for a day.  For arm pain, you can try some light gua sha and some Traumeel, or Ledum Palustre.  Also, hey, acupuncture!  I know, more needles, but it works great for fatigue and detox post vaccination.  One thing I wouldn't recommend here is Chinese Herbals that clear heat and toxins, as they are antiviral, and we WANT the body to have an immune response to the vaccine.  Vitamin C is wonderful if you're still feeling fatigued a day or two later it can help your body detox.

Wishing you the very best in health,