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Personalized Wellness Retreat in the Desert? Sign me Up!!

Atha Wellness is proud to present a new and very special offering for ....YOU!  

Personalized Wellness Retreat in the Desert? Sign me Up!!, Atha Wellness in Kirkland, WA

Ahh, what to say about 2020?  ( I could say a LOT, but I won't, because I want to focus on the year ahead...2021.)  Most of it felt like an insurmountable challenge - AND we moved on, one day at at time.  Taking care with the food we ate, how we stayed active, even the air we breathed...all of that has helped us stay grounded in the present while envisioning a hopeful and kinder future.  Isn't that what true wellness is about? 

It's in that spirit of holistic wellness that Atha Wellness welcomes you to come take a private individualized retreat in a quiet and luxurious setting to help you reset your health and wellbeing.  This retreat is a one-on-one individualized retreat to focus on just you, and/or a friend or family member if  you so choose.   

What is it you're looking forward to in 2021?  Could it be health, wellness, kindness, sunshine?  Starting a family?  Whatever is calling you to come on retreat, you’ll find it  here with daily acupuncture and moxibustion, yoga, hiking, meditation, and delicious meals prepared especially in accordance with Chinese Medicine food therapy principles.  

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