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What is Bio-remodeling?

by Anne Gordon

What is Bio-remodeling?, Atha Wellness in Kirkland, WA

There's a new beauty buzzword surrounding some very exciting  products.  It's called bio-remodeling and most of the buzz centers around a newish beauty rockstar called Profhilo,.  Profhilo is made in an FDA approved facility in Italy, but alas is not FDA approved for use in the States - yet. 

Even though Profhilo is not available for use  in the US, I have been using other natural injectables for bio-remodeling and holistic facial rejuvenation.

What is bio- remodeling?  Bio-remodeling is an innovative approach involving the injection  of small amounts of hyalauronic acid, collagen, vitamins and minerals into the skin of the face, hands, neck or chest (really anywhere that there might be skin laxity - I'm looking at you knees and elbows!)  Bio-remodeling is not for just filling lines and wrinkles...instead this unique combination of vitamins and minerals nourishes the dermal cells and restores the firmness of the skin with a prolonged duration,  improving the quality and texture of the skin.  It is long lasting, because the injection encourages your body to increase collagen, elastin and hyalauronic acid prodcution, things that naturally diminish as we age.

What do I inject?  I inject a combination of homeopathic preparations of collagen and something called Made (a blend of vitamins, minerals and enzymes named after the doctor who invented it) that is natural, hypo-allergic, FDA approved and has no known side effects.

What is the standard treatment protocol?   Following a full consultation, we will come up with a treatment plan for your particular needs.  A standard treatment protocol consists of 1 weekly treatment for 8-10 consecutive weeks.  For better results, a
maintenance treatment course of 3-4 weekly sessions is recommended once or twice a year.  These treatments may or may not be combined with facial acupuncture, and LED light therapy.  

Most patients report that following the 10 treatments their skin is smoother, firmer, more taut and supple, hydrated, has more glow and radiance, and is clearer.

Got questions?  I'd love to answer them! Please reach out to

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Kirkland, Wa